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Social Sexual Attitudes and Invididual Desire



Real Women Roar

Boobquake 2012, brought to you, by the letter: Q

Now, with all the political upheavals and all the zero sum trying to control women’s vaginas….

There’s something that I want to say to each and every single Heterosexual Woman out there on the internet who have showed their boobs or just showed off their boobs.


For Bis and Gals of all genders


Women of the world and in the blogoshpere:

If you aren’t being flirted with – at least as good as Lesbian Flirting 101


And, if you are being flirted with, at least as good as LezFlirt 101

Then, maybe you should take a look at Lesbian Flirting 201


Heterosexual Vaginas Monolog while Lesbian Vaginas Dialog


and ladies, I am not flirting with anyone, because I am a very happily married lesbian, because I live in Canada, where gays were legally deemed common law in 2000 and legal marriage became the law of the land in 2003.


The reason why same gender marriage had to become legal in Canada is because, well, we are a nation of three ancestral paths.

And across Canada, British Common Law applies, except for in Quebec.

Quebec is based on the Napoleonic code, which does not recognize common law marriage and Quebec was one of the first provinces to challenge the Canadian Federal Law.

So, in a way, gay marriage is what’s keeping Canada together as a nation, because, you probably don’t know from the outside, just how divided that Canada has become.

And my spouse and I had talked about not needing a piece of paper and we were really feeling run down about America and religious people being against gay marriage, that we talked about giving up that piece of paper.

But, we’re not going to, because, that might be just a peice of paper to a lot of married people, given the divorce rate. I am sorry, heterosexuals, seriously, what’s left for gays and lesbians and bis and trans people to ruin about marriage, exactly?


Our marriage license is our bond, our word and our shield.

So, I am not flirting with anyone who reads this blog.

And this morning, I got my spouse to take my picture and I am going to show you, just how happy that I am with my life.


And; there’s a few very particular women, that I would like to introduce to every single reader of this post.

Collectively, they are referred to as The Suffragettes


Basically, they were the women all over the world who demanded equality and the right to vote on the basis of this very simple premise.


No vote? no sex, so suffer.


And men, did not like that option, so women got to vote.

An important life lesson is that if you do not know history, you are doomed to repeat it into infinity.






Q: Newly Out and interested in older woman


Look I really need any help and advice that anyone can give. I just recently had a
huge revelation with myself and figured it out that I was bi.. and now I am crushing
on a girl for the first time and I’m stuck on what I want to do.

I met this girl through work, and over the past year we’ve become good friends and
we make each other laugh and have good conversations with each other.. a couple
weeks ago she told me she was bi (She doesn’t know I am bi too, actually no one know’s yet I don’t think).

Anyways, we have never hung out outside of work and stuff, but she’s leaving in like 2 weeks and I cried for hours yesterday after she told me…I want to let her know that I’m interested in her before she goes and that I like her more than just a friend..

The thing is she’s 5 years older than me..and I don’t know myself whether she’s interested…since i’ve never done this before I’m totally confused, upset and excited all at once!



Don’t worry about the age thing, 5 years is no biggie. (Unless you’re
underage that is.)

She’s leaving work or town?

Let me know which she is leaving, because if it’s town, it’s not really fair for
you to tell her, and leave both of you wondering what if…

Always try for local and available women to date. Especially a first
relationship. It’s hard enough without the whole long distance insecurity

If she’s just leaving the job, and staying in town, tell her, say “Hey, we should
do something afer work to celebrate your new job/whatever she is leaving
for.” Make it just the two of you.

You’re lucky because she’s already told you she’s bi, so she won’t run
screaming from the room when you say the same thing back.


She is staying the the same town, just moving on to a different job.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add to the other post, that I’m 17 and she’s 22..Thats
our age difference.


Here’s the part that would be the same regardless of your age:

In my view, any teen-aged person who thinks that he or she is gay, has done
a lot more thinking about their sexuality than one who just assumes that they
are straight.

This “more thinking” means that you are likely better able to handle yourself
in a relationship with an older person than a straight teen with an older
person. You know a lot more about yourself, and in some ways aren’t as

The fact that your intended isn’t really out of her own teens, being only
22/23, also makes the situation easier than if your intended was 15 or more years older.

Here’s the advise because you are 17/18:

You already know she’s bi, so you are pretty safe that when you tell her that
you are bi and maybe a lesbian, she isn’t going to freak. Likely, she told you
she was bi to see if you would take the bait – to test the waters.

You’ve already been flirty with each other, and that’s not really something
that straight women do. Not totally straight women anyway.

What I would do is this: invite her out after work, just the two of you to
celebrate her change of jobs. Stay away from alcohol, because, while it does
lower inhibitions, it also decreases your ability and your focus. And you’ll need
your wits about you.

Think about the scenario in which she came out to you, she may have been
testing the waters, trying to see if you felt the same.

I can’t tell you the number of times woman came out to me in University,
and I keep thinking, what an idiot I was to have missed all those really hot
babes. I came out after university, at 23. There was a reason they were
telling me they were dykes, they were hitting on me, I just didn’t get it.

If you feel really brave, just get her to go out for coffee and lay the cards on
the table.

“Look, , we’ve been really good friends at work, and now you’re leaving and
I’m gonna miss you here, but I don’t want to loose this friendship or what it
may become. I really like you, and I’d like to keep seeing you – I’m bi too.”
kind of a thing.

You are in a sort of win win situation. If you tell her, and she says, yes I like
you too, let’s go out, you are golden. If she says, thank you, but I don’t think
of you that way, you’ll be hurt, but you won’t have to face her at work and have that torture. (the getting hurt is the sort of win part).

basically, if you don’t tell her, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.

You can’t get the girl by keeping silent. And she’s worth the risk.

If she ends up saying no, then at least you tried and there are LOTS of other

If you are 15: then the advise is to date a girl your own age, at least until
you are of the legal age of consent where you live so as to not get your
beloved in jail. It makes anniversaries not so pleasant with a plexiglass
screen between you, and just think of what the photos would look like later.

Am I A Lesbian?


Confused in Jersey writes:

Well, I am 19 years old and I love to watch women have sex
and I love looking at their bodies it just turns me on but I have a boyfriend
and I don’t know if I should tell him.

I don’t know if this means I like women or what. I never really thought about being with a woman until my best friend who is like my little sister told me that she was a lesbian 3 years ago.

Now my mind has been wondering. I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know why but they seem more interesting than a man. please tell me what u think so I can have a better idea on what’s going on. I haven’t told any body about what I am feeling.

Lezflirt answers:

The short and dirty answer:
Women turn you on. Does this mean you’re a lesbian? Maybe.

You have a boyfriend. You didn’t say whether he or men in general turn you
on. If he and other men do, you are probably bi.

If he and other men don’t, then you are probably a lesbian.

The more involved reply:

Talk to your lesbian friend, she knows you, knows your boyfriend, your
family, your town, and best of all she’s been through this herself.

Decide what is important to you first – continuing your current relationship OR
exploring your desires for other women.

If you decide that your current relationship is not something that you are not
prepared to lose, then you’ll need to stop processing this.

You get to decide whether or not you want to have sex with another woman – but it’s your boyfriend’s choice whether he stays in the relationship with you while you sort out your feelings.

If you decide that you need to find out if you’ve just got fantasies that are fun
to play in your head during sex or masturbation, or real desires to be with
women;  then you also need to talk to your boyfriend.

Remember, sometimes a fantasy can rock your world during sex, but actually acting it out may not be as fun as you fantasized.

He may agree to a break, during which you both see other people, he may
agree to keep seeing you and you can see other women, or he might just
break it off. He’ll be hurt, and angry, maybe curious, maybe he even knows
you’re a lesbian on some deeper level. You’ll need to be prepared for these

I don’t know him, but some men also get violent. You know him
best, I just want you to be careful and safe and aware of the dangers.

And when you talk to him, DO NOT let him pressure you into a menage a trois
(three way) so that you can explore your sexual feelings and it “not be
cheating because you are both there”.

Three ways are very complex negotiations emotionally, and this is about your sexual feelings and not his genetically programmed fantasy. (I don’t know why, but every straight guy I’ve ever known has had the fantasy of him and two girls).

You want your first time to be you and another woman you at least like,
because it’s going to be fun, exhilarating, and a little bit scary, and totally

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