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Agoraphobic Philosopher on Love

except for the organic foods – I totally support that and sustainability of agriculture with crop diversity – otherwise, this song is true.. mostly true……


Lezflirt – A Dyke Pal to the Straight Gal





Lesbian Comedy

I did not make any of the following videos.

For your entertainment and educational purposes.





I am not an actor and the voice on the video is mine.

I made this with a game by Lionhead Studios called Movie Studio.


But I wrote the monologue for a local acting troupe called the Sweet Tarts.


I really wanted to be a comedy writer and this was inspired by a television commercial from the 197o’s.


this is a 1980 commercial for Irish Spring Soap.


In the 1970’s their commercials ended with a woman saying :

Manly yes, But I like it too.


and this monologue was a tribute to that particular commercial.


and yes, I use Irish Spring body wash today.

the spicest, racist, butchiest soap ever.

Little Ms. Sunshine


I hope that you, dearest readers, have enjoyed


Advanced Lesbian Flirting 201

Favorite Lebian Movies & TV Shows

Favorite Lesbian Songs


Gretchen Phillips

Two Nice Girls

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