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Warrior Princess News – Lucy Lawless Environmental Activist

LA Times report:

By Christie D’ZurillaJune 14, 2012, 6:40 p.m.

Lucy Lawless did it, and she isn’t sorry she did it.

Of course, the “Spartacus” actress hopes her conviction on trespassing charges won’t hurt her career in the future by preventing her from entering countries that don’t dig folks with criminal records, but that’s almost beside the point.

“For the first time in my life, I put my body and reputation on the line to stand up for my beliefs and do the right thing,” she told the Associated Press after appearing in court. “I hope I’ve encouraged other people to do the same.”

Lawless pleaded guilty Thursday in an Auckland, New Zealand, court to charges of unlawfully being on a ship. She was arrested in February with other Greenpeace activists who had boarded an oil-drilling ship and attempted to keep it from leaving port for an Arctic destination.

For 77 hours, the actress camped on and blogged from a 174-foot tower on the ship, which was chartered by Shell Oil.

Sentencing is set for September, and although trespassing carries a possible sentence of three years in prison, Lawless told reporters that as a first-time offender, she expected to serve no jail time. The charge was reduced from burglary.

And about possible travel restrictions, which have bedeviled the likes of Paris Hilton, Russell Brand and Chris Brown?

“If I couldn’t travel, obviously that would be a tremendous pain in the neck,” she said.




Travel to New Zealand – commit crime

prison time with Xena – priceless!


In Love With Married man

In love with married man 04/06/01 12:36 AM

Dear Aunty agony,

I’m feeling very, very cheated by this guy C who is married. I’ve fallen very deeply
with him. C promised that he will divorce his wife latest by Mar. But till now, he
hasn’t do so.

Actually last month, they nearly divorced cuz the wife created a scene in front of his
colleagues. I was there and I witnessed everything. If I’m C, I will give her a tight
slap, cuz she was really too much! But C didn’t and remained very cool.

The next day the whole office was talking about it then. C felt very humiliated and
wanted to divorce her. However, the wife pleaded him to give her a second chance.
This issue brought the wife’s parents/brother into picture. They pleaded C to take
into consideration of their 2 kids.
In the end, C gave in and didn’t divorce his wife. I was very devastated! Prior to this
argument they had, C and his wife have been quarrelling almost everyday. I don’t
see there’s any other reason for them to be together. But C is hesitant cuz his 2nd
child is only 4months old! I was very, very sad when he told me that! In the first
place, he told me that he would divorce the wife immediately after she gave birth.
But now, C gave me another story.
He asked me to give him some time to settle things with his wife. Cuz he
wants his wife to initiate the divorce out of incompatibility and not out of third party
as he wants to avoid the maintenance fees after divorce.
He kept telling me that he doesn’t love the wife anymore. It is just responsibilities
that kept the marriage going. He treats me very well and always try to regain my
trust for him. And also, he told me that he did not make love with his wife from her
2nd pregnancy until now. We make love every week. I think it’s really impossible that
he didn’t make love to his wife. Should I believe in him?

Pls advise me. Should I wait for him to divorce or shall I just call it off?
Appreciate your prompt reply. Thks!


RE: In love with married man

Hi, well, first I’d like to repeat that I am not a counselor or professional
shrink. Just a dyke with HTML knowledge and an attitude.
My basic philosophy is this: if the person you love is already in a relationship,
then find someone else to love.
This guy you work with is already married, and has kids – one of whom is a
baby. So that means he’s recently had sex with the wife, and, since women
don’t usually know they are pregnant until the second month, his line about
no sex since the second week is very unbelievable.

What you need to look at is not how he is treating you right now, but how he
is treating his wife right now – cheating on her, slamming her to co-workers,
trying to force her into filing for divorce to avoid paying for support and

The reason you need to pay attention to his treatment of his present wife, is
because this will likely be you in five years.

As long as you and the wife are willing to put up with his half-time and half-assed
commitments, he will continue to do so.
In my view, you should dump him and move on to someone that is willing to
be yours full time, and so should his wife.

Just take a minute and look at this situation from her point of view, she
married this guy, had children with him, now he’s cheating on her, and you
may not be the first or the only one, and yet, she’s pretty desperate to hang
onto him – showing up at his workplace? That’s pretty dramatic.

It’s not that I think marriage is sacred or anything like that, relationships
change all the time, you fall out of love, meet someone else, but, if you are
any kind of person worth being with, you have the decency to end the
unsatisfying relationship before starting a new one.

You and his wife are the ones being hard done by in this, not him. He’s in the
catbird seat, calling all the shots.

My opinion is that it’s never good to get involved with someone already in a


and I ended up repeating this conversation in person last week with a woman who works in a local restaurant that I enjoy:

She was dating a married man with kids and she wanted to know if I thought she should wait for him.

I told her no,that he was married with kids and he was not going to leave that.

Even if he did,she needed to take note of the wife because that would be her in 4 years.

That probably, he had more than her on the side.

She admitted that that her friends all said the same thing.

I told her that she was beautiful and she deserved a man who made her his number 1 and his only girl.

That she deserved a whole relationship – and really, don’t we all regardless of our orientation or the gender of our partners?

More than that, as a person as a secondary partner, hat she did not have a relationship with him that she had fantasy; because she would never look at him and say take me out to dinner the kids were horrible.

Because she was too scared to be herself, to be real.

Further, that  he was avoiding his real responsibilities and blaming his culture on it as he is in an arranged marriage.

But it is still a contract – legally and morally – and he is still in a family with responsibilities.

I told her, if he was that unhappy that he needed to stand up to his mother and his father and be honest with his wife.

Get free and then be with her or be alone for a while – its’ not good for the children to be raised in a loveless, fighting or half involved heads of families – it’s a terrible example in fact. Horrifying.

she said he will never do that – to leave them – so so i said: then you already know the answer.


you should not wait for a man or a woman who will never be yours

and find a man pr who will be hers and make her his number 1 – and that you make your one and only as well.


Hetero Vaginas Monolog, Lesbian Vaginas Dialog

Janis Ian – when people thought she was straight

and once again, after she came out

Leslie Gore, ditto

kd lang




About Poetry…

Dearest Readers,

There is something that I would like you to understand – and it’s that I was a teenaged poet.

My favorite male poets are – in order:

Keats, Byron, Shelly, Coleridge

My favorite Female Poet is Elizabeth Barrett Browning

But this – is my favorite poem – of all time: by Andrew Marvell


Had we but world enough, and time,
This coyness, lady, were no crime.
We would sit down and think which way
To walk, and pass our long love’s day;
Thou by the Indian Ganges’ side
Shouldst rubies find; I by the tide
Of Humber would complain. I would
Love you ten years before the Flood;
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.
My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow.
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast,
But thirty thousand to the rest;
An age at least to every part,
And the last age should show your heart.
For, lady, you deserve this state,
Nor would I love at lower rate.

But at my back I always hear
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
Thy beauty shall no more be found,
Nor, in thy marble vault, shall sound
My echoing song; then worms shall try
That long preserv’d virginity,
And your quaint honour turn to dust,
And into ashes all my lust.
The grave’s a fine and private place,
But none I think do there embrace.

Now therefore, while the youthful hue
Sits on thy skin like morning dew,
And while thy willing soul transpires
At every pore with instant fires,
Now let us sport us while we may;
And now, like am’rous birds of prey,
Rather at once our time devour,
Than languish in his slow-chapp’d power.
Let us roll all our strength, and all
Our sweetness, up into one ball;
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Thorough the iron gates of life.
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

Dyke Poetry

Dearest Readers

I am going to be making some changes to this blog – because – well – there’s really not much more that I can say about how to flirt that can be explained in just words.

Because words are the least important part of any communication.

It’s all about body language, vocal tone, facial expression and inflection – stresses and release of tension – in short – Timing.

You can only ever get good at timing – by practising.

But – if you follow the basic rules of flirting – as explained in the earlier posts – well – you will become an expert flirter in no time at all.

And, just so you know, there are not any short cuts or go-arounds to the rules of


Which is what I originally called the manual that I wrote for the original workshop – back in 1994.

So, about HOW I flirt – well:

The worst flirt that I ever had  resulted in getting to have a dance with the woman I wanted to flirt with – while her girlfriend – who didn’t dance – sat at the table and watched me – all over her girlfriend on the dance floor – and let me tell you something.

When you are willing to dance like Elvis – oh – I have to show you something:

This is me – dancing like Elvis – this year – by myself – alone; just trying to make myself feel better about myself.

So – now that you have THAT visual – dearest readers – I want you to imagine – how I danced with that woman that I wanted so desperately to flirt with – and poor her – she had a girlfriend who didn’t like to dance.

No, scratch that – poor girlfriend – because if they stayed together – you know that girlfriend learned to dance and learned to like it.

This is Nina: Baby Dyke Edition

So – that’s how that table of woman in the lesbian bar – and here’s my best pick up line:

Don’t you find lesbian bars so unfriendly?

If they didn’t laugh – then – hey, target rich environment – move on, right? Eh?

Here’s the only reason why you should ever stealth flirt – as reconnaissance:

I was at the Lotus Club – it was a lesbian bar in Vancouver.

I was alone – and interested in company – and the only woman who caught my eye that night – was in a group of 8 women.

So – I watched for a long time – and if you go back, just a few posts – this is why I knew that SteathGirl – was wrong to only stealth flirt.

I watched that one woman – to see if she paid any more attention to any of those 7 other women – and to my eye – she wasn’t.

But it’s really scarey to approach just one person you want to flirt with – and she was in a group with 7 other women.

But – I was not daunted in the least – because they all just seemed to be friends – and if you approach a person right – you might not get the one you wanted – but that table was 8 very smoking hot dykes – and I would have been really happy to go home with about 4 of them.

So – I walked over to the table – just like a normal person walking by any table to the bar or the bathroom…

and – well, timing is everything – I managed to get to their table – as the one I wanted to flirt with – also – got up – a sort of separation from the herd, if you will.

So – I bumped into her – and I said – I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.

And then, I got really shy and embarrassed and she laughed and her friends laughed and I knew – that this was a good group – I’d been watching them laugh and tease each other all night. It’s what was so attractive about them – they stood out from the rest of the quiet women waiting to make a move or waiting for someone to make a move – and doing that kind of work – all the work – doesn’t appeal to me.

So – I got shy – and they laughed – so I smiled – and I laughed and that made me a little bit – in a way – part of their group – so I went for broke – because – once you get people to laugh …

I said: I wonder if you could help me with a decision.

They stopped laughing – now – they were curious.

The woman standing in front of me – it’s funny – I can’t even remember what she looked like – not a bit – I’ve met so many people that they’ve all become kind of a blur.

Well, suffice to say – she was dykey hot and I was a very hot blooded little baby dyke – and I never dated in high school or college or university – and I had a lot of time and things – to make up for – now that I was an adult – who knew what I wanted without needing to experiement or make up some other excuse to do exactly what and who I wanted.

now – I want to share with you – some of what I’ve written for women that Idated, or wanted to date or just thought about enough to write a poem – these are the last poems that I wrote – because – conventional wisdom says – don’t let people know you’re a poetgeek.

and I don’t understand that, because I wouldn’t ever date a person who didn’t like that I was a poet or a geek or whatever else I am.

To Thine Own Self, Be True.

Words to live by.

and – here – is a small sample of poems – that I wrote for some of the women that I dated – before I met my spouse in 1993 and we started living together in 1994 – and we’ve been married – three times – and a 4th time in 2004, just for the legal status. We live in Canada – and no piece of paper – can make us any more married than any of the ceremonial weddings that we’ve done – and we are proud that of piece of paper – because it is our sheild and our badge of honour.

So – whatever these words in the poems – mean to you, dearest of readers of all my blogs – just know that whatever emotions that I did feel when I wrote them.

None of the longing, the passion or intensity – that champagne kind of love – that doesn’t last.

And it doesn’t remotely compare to the chicken soup love and intimacy – of a long term, monogamous and committed relationship.

So – that said – because – after all – the whole point of being good at flirting os to find someone – so you don’t have to do it – anymore.

Enjoy this selection of Nina’s Lesbian Romantic Poetry – and – I don’t mind – if anyone wants to use any of these poems – but please, give credit – where credit is due.

These poems are provided as reference material – for

Advanced Lesbian Flirting – 201


Night and You

This world is too much with us

I am


in your arms

in your eyes

in your love

feelings overwhelming my soul

tenderness so sweetly painful

passions so deeply stirring

warmth so brightly burning

I cry as you hold me to your forbidden breasts

My wet eyes meet your brimming ones

your tongue tip

{my womanhood throbs for you}

emerges and dampens your parted lips

I study the dark opening of your mouth

and I long to explore its wet depths

with mine

Teetering between passion and pain

i press my face hard against your breasts

Your hands stroke my hair,

melting my resolve [and heart]

I shake and sob


but your familysocietyyourboyfriendmyfearsmyhopesmydreams

keep us apart

Generic Erotica #1 – May 92

Softly the moonlight caresses your cheek,

I trace the outline of your lips

My fingertips rough against their softness

My hand slides down the gentle curve of your neck

dipping into the hollow of your throat

the downward journey skirts the swell of your breast

Your nipple rises in anticipation

“Later” I smile, you groan

I kiss down the softness of your stomach

My tongue lingering at your navel

Touching the centre of your being

your beginning

Your life connection with your herstory

licking, flicking, teasing, tempting

Generic Erotica #2 –  5/5/92

Moonlight caresses your cheek

My fingers burn to trace your gentle lines

Your eyes flutter; you moan

I hold my breath and wait for

You to fall back into your dreams

Your lips moist and slightly parted

Torment me taunt me dare me

I slide closer and hold my lips

above yours, not touching

Your breathing warms me

Gently I feel the softness of your

Eyelashes with my nose

Unable to resist, I kiss your eyes

They flutter

“What are you doing?” sleepily intoned

I withdraw horrified

You smile lopsidedly at my breasts

“well, if that’s what you wanted,

You could have at least woken me up”

You reach out and crush me against yours

More Erotica circa May – June 1992

I pull you close, pressing my lips

to the warmth of your throat.

You giggle, and the vibrations

tickle my mouth and thrill me

Your warm frothy scent intoxicates me

My hand caresses your soft breast

While my tongue teases the fluttering

Vein near the hollow of your throat

The throbbing spin in my body increases

You hold my legs with yours

And, pressing harder, you arch away

Your breasts dangling above my face

Pounding sensations washing through me

I close my eyes and moan

Suddenly you are against me

Kissing my breasts, my face, my throat

Who can resist such an army?

Your legs your breasts your lips

Surrounding and pressing against me

Surrendering I roll my head to the side

Your tongue a warmth against my throat

A gentle sucking increasing tempo

Harder pressure my flesh yields

My body locks and sensations slow

You hold me tightly to your body

Of which I am vaguely aware of anything

I can only whimper as my sight dims

And your teeth, your exquisite teeth, leave my throat


Your eyes

Ocean green

Calm and tranquil

Undertows of passion

drowning me in their depths

Your lips

Rose petal pink

Soft and sensual

Silken touches

intoxicating me beyond reason

Your throat

Wheat golden

Tanned and warm

Blood throbbing hotly

dizzily inflames my senses

Your breasts

Red tipped mounds

Supple and tender


Our eyes meet

and every part of my body cries out

in jealousy of my eyes

Our lips touch

and my heart leaps to my throat

to offer you my soul

Our fingers entwine

and I drink in the calming aura

that surrounds you

Our breast nuzzle

and the scent of your skin

dazzles my senses

Our bodies press

and the heat from your body rises

intoxicating me

i can’t think

i can’t breathe

i can only








Our eyes lock, and

a tiny muscle spasms near

the hollow of your throat.

You smile, dimple radiant, and

lower your face away from me.

Slowly I lean closer, savouring

the change in temperature in the air

as I get closer to you.

Gentle, I press my lips against your

forehead, your soft hair tickling;

Your warmth intoxicating. You giggle.

I slide my hand from your waist,

skirting your breast that my palm

longs to linger upon, to your chin.

Gentle, I raise your face and the

promise in your eyes my hopes,

my temperature.

Knees weak, stomach fluttering, I

press my lips against your.

Your tongue slides against mine,

questing, teasing, enjoying, being.

You press harder against me, lifting your

face away. I whimper/moan.

You touch the tip of my nose to yours,

smiling as we tease each other with the

barest touch of lips

I break and press my mouth to yours,

probing, sucking, nipping, loving.

We break for air.

You lower your head to my breasts,

resting, breathing, clinging to me

as if a rock in rapids.

A arch my head back, trying to break my

river of tumultuous emotions

Your erect nipples brush mine, and,

I sink,

not caring if I ever breath again.



I think of you


my knees tremble

my temperature rises

my heart beats faster

my throat dries

my eyes water

Either I’m crushed out


I’ve got the flu


You slip your fingers through mine

Soft, warm, pink

You walk down the street

While I float along beside you

Your voice weaves through my brain

Which prefer to register the stares

We get as envy, not shock,

Of two women’s romance

Your scent drifts around me,

Dizzying, intoxicating, pure

I squeeze your hand

Because I can’t get close enough

You turn your eyes to mine

and I turn

into a puddle

on the sidewalk


The paradise potential you inspire within me

scares me

The abandonment I feel when I look in your eyes

scares me

The joy I experience when I hear your name

scares me

The bounce in my step, the song on my lips since I met you,

scares me

The fact I feel these and more and want to

scares me

The knowledge that you’re leaving


Maybe you have spoilt me

But does your leaving mean

taking these away?

Or can we leave a door open for a

future next summer or in two years

Will you want me with you and I you?

I guess what scares me most is

the possibility of a no

and no possibility of know.


You say that you don’t want to spoil me

Then, you kiss me and by brain carbonates

Hold you close breast to breast knee to knee

My life my soul I leave to Zeus’ fates

I press my lips against your silken throat

Golden and warm, your scent washes through me

You squeeze my hand


When you pressed against me

At the dance

I wanted to kiss you

You kissed me first

(it was more than friendly, not innocent)

Flesh to flesh

(with clothes between)

We moved together

Arms tight knees pressing each other apart

For a few bars of music

we became one;

Joined at lips, hips and knees

You pulled away with a grin

I could barely see through

my steamed glasses


Simple things make me happy

-the gentle arch of your eyebrow

-the curve of your bottom lip

(Especially when it’s pressed to mine)

-your laugh

-the softness of your throat


A wave of tenderness fill me

When I think of you

My heart beats faster

And a smile plays on my lips

Warmth spreads through me

And I can almost feel

Your body pressed against mine

My lips tingle for your touch

Feeling that I thought I lost

dance across my mind



Holding you against me the world is safe

No laws nor ignorant hate stops my loving you

This right feeling can’t be wrong

You mouth hot and moist against mine,

I reach for you and find you

Equal footing, equal terms, equal offerings

The fragrance of your hair intoxicates me,

I lean closer to press my lips against

the red warmth of your throat


Do I reveal too much

or too little

When we kiss?

Before you held me back

“I don’t want a relationship”

And I don’t know if you become me now

“I’m open to a long term possibility”

You asked me “what are your intentions?”

I kissed you

and you kissed me

But we never went on from there.


Melissa sang “Don’t you need?”

And I thought of you

I wondered Do you need?

And I got cold

Of course you need

But not me

At least not yet…..


It was just for you

that I held your hand

walking down the street

Not for the shocked couple

herding their children away

It was just for you

that I kissed your mouth

sitting by the water

Not for the people

quietly slipping past

I was just for you

that I held you

close against me

Well, okay, that wasn’t just for you,

that was for me, too.


Holding you against me

At Pride Day

Sun’s warmth on my back

Your heart against my front

The clean coffee smell of your hair

Your hand on my arm

Makes my heart beat

The band changes

ANd a new singer comes on

“Oh god” you mutter

“My XXXX loved this song”

I hold you closer

Fearing for you with your ex.

in pain, beyond me

You are still almost not breathing

against me

The song is over and you smile and thanks

I release my tender grip

and I have to look away

because your eyes are glistening

glowing and you’re starting to love me

But I didn’t hold you to anchor you in love

I held you to anchor me in fear

I’m sorry

I do not fall in love with women

who are in love with someone

else, het or dead

it was just a typewriter test page story

 April 1991

It was cold. The smoke from the fireplace burned my eyes and throat, but its warmth did not warm me. The hard chair I sat on had long ago caused my legs to numb. My equally bloodless hands gripped the arms of the chair, but the proximity to the fire made them hot.

I was cold.

The fire had dried my tear ducts, but somehow, from somewhere within, I found enough moisture and warmth to cry.

It was hot and sunny – a perfect day. I sat by the lake, fascinated by the play of light on the lake’s surface. Behind me I heard the sounds of Rachel lying out our picnic lunch. The sounds of plastic cutlery mingles with the sounds of the town’s children playing some childish game of ball.

“What is so special out there?” her gentle tones drifted over the water.

I smile to myself and glanced down at my dust coated boots.

Her hand touch my shoulder. A chill.

“Is it more important than me?” she continued, “More important than this?” I heard a brief rustle of material.

I turned to see her bared shoulder – the fragrance of her warmed flesh.

“You evil bitch” I moaned, “You always know how to make me forget what’s important.”

She smiled wickedly, “You have something more important that me on your mind?”

Somehow she managed an innocent look that melted me. I twisted around and crushed her against me.

“You’ll be the death of me,” I laughed.

“Will that be so bad?” she lilted.

“Not as long as I die before you,” I said, “I couldn’t bear…”

“Shh” she pressed her fingers against my lips, “Today is not for seriousness. I want this to be special today.”

“Why? What is today?” I asked, perplexed.

“I know you’ll be leaving soon, I want to give you something so you’ll never forget.~

“Leave? I’m not leaving. How could I leave, this is my home.”

“I dreamt it.”

“What – what did you see?”

Her cyan eyes looked at me. “Please, I shouldn’t stay, it won’t change anything and –”

She quickly pressed her lips to mine.

I pulled away – shocked at her forwardness and desperation.

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