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Agoraphobic Philosopher on Love

except for the organic foods – I totally support that and sustainability of agriculture with crop diversity – otherwise, this song is true.. mostly true……


Lezflirt says assess your probabilities

Dating to Mating

Lesbians do fantasize about celebrities and tv characters

Whenever there are media articles and polls about what celebs are hot or not – it’s usually about what straight men and woman like. But over the last 10 or so years, gay men are often included in the articles but lesbians are not.

So it begs the question – do we fantasize or do we just not answer poll questions?

Desire and fantasies are a complex things – to many, it’s an impossible standard of beauty that is not achievable, even for beautiful women – and thus creating a cycle of low self esteem and dooming them or us into a cycle of one failed relationship after another.

Or impossible standards that no one – no matter how attractive can meet – and so risking settling for someone and again creating a cycle of failed relationships and self blame.

The critical thing is to have good self esteem of your own that is not dependent on anything or anyone external to yourself.

Photo and this image created by Nina aka Lezflirt

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