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Q: Am I Being Cheated On?



but you know, holding hands and comforting people is a natural and a platonic possibility.


We all need a human touch – whether that’s sex or cuddling or just a hug from a freind.


It’s part of our emotional and physical health to hear or feel other people’s hearts beating against our own heart beat.


it’s partly how we transfer love and affection to each other and there are many kinds of love and many ways of expressing affection appropriately across those relationships and the emotional quality and depth between people.


It all comes back to being in a relationship with someone who wants to make you happy as a normal part of their day.


not someone who is willing to cause you worry and distress passive agressively or more active in the hurtful factors.


and if you aren’t wanting to make them happy either, well, you have to ask yourself. how does that serve you or them or anyone around you?


It gets better is not just a project to stop gay youth from suicide and it’s not just a promise to them and anyone on that path that it can and does get better – but that it gets better is a choice that you have to make.


Sometimes, you have to remake it every day or make it several times a day. it’s all good. it’s all fits and start and do-overs.
and it starts with valuing yourself enough to know that it’s better to be single and love yourself in whatever ways you want to interpret that.


than to be in a relationship that does not bring out the absolute best parts of yourself.

Sex: sometimes you get it and sometimes it gets you and most of the time…….

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