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Medical Science is starting to think the G-Spot Orgasm is real

When really, all they had to do was ask lesbians!



Have a Gay Day

We could do better

I’m a 22 year old lesbian, i’ve been with my girlfriend for about 2 years and i (we)
need some advice about sexuality. It’s not that we don’t enjoy making love, but after
all this time we think we could be better in bed, the problem is we don’t know

The two of us are new, i mean she’s my first gf and i’m her first gf, and we’re
still in the closet for everybody else (even thought we’re pretty obvious sometimes,
LOL) except some friends. Could you help us giving some advice or simply telling us
where could we find information?? we’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much


Books & magazines are great places to get information about the mechanics
of sex and a lot of techniques. Especially erotic stories, what gets you wet
when you’re reading will likely work for you in bed, too.

The number one thing that all the books and magazines will say is “Talk to
your partner”

Share your fantasies – this is a hard thing because of the fear of being
laughed at or your partner being revolted, so I suggest you start with the
mildest fantasies, maybe “bite me”, maybe sex in the shower, and work up to
feathers and silk neckties and beyond.

But also, “gee I love it when you massage my breasts or lick behind my
knees, but I really hate anything near my ears.” Nothing much worse than
being touched or rubbed in a way that is not only is uncomfortable, but also
doesn’t do a lot for you.

Explore everything, try different places, touching places you wouldn’t think
were erotic -your whole skin is sensitive to all kinds of stimulation.

Most of all -Don’t worry about the sex champs of the world -or not “good
enough”. Does what you two work for you? In that you both enjoy it? Then
relax. Sex is about sharing between the parties involved, not a race, a
competition between you and yours and the whole world.

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