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How to tell if she likes me


There is this girl at school that I liked for a while now, we just recently started talking.

I was at the softball conditioning with her one afternoon, we were alone, she said she had a lot of things to do after the conditioning, so I asked her to give me a hug. She did and I gave a a kiss close to her lips, she hugged me hard then she laughed.

I really don’t know why she laughed, I don’t think she thinks that I want to be in an intimate relationship with her. I really like this girl, but I just want to know if she likes me.


She clearly likes you in some way – otherwise, she wouldn’t have hugged you and probably would have reacted negatively to the kiss.

The only way you’re going to find out if the softball babe likes you in more
than a friend way is to ask her out for a coffee/meal or do something together
outside of the softball conditioning.

Sometimes, straight women stray into lesbian behaviors without even
realizing it for themselves. It’s not meant as a hurtful thing, it’s just easy that
words and gestures made in friendship advances can be easily misinterpreted.

Now, it may be that she is a dyke, and available and flirting.  The laugh makes me inclined to think so.

No real way to tell at this point. You need to get to know her a little better.
Are you an out lesbian on your softball team? (Is it a lesbian team?? Or is that a dumb question?)

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