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Q: Married Mom seeks same


I’m a wife and mother, and really attracted to the single mother of one of my son’s
friends. How do I approach her to see if she feels the same?


The first person you need to talk to is your current partner.

If you want to go outside of the relationship and explore your attraction to
another person, you have to give them the choice:

1. To stand by you and support your exploration
2. To make your relationship non-monogamous
3. To bail out.
Given that you’re in a het relationship and you have a kid, you may also want
to check out your state or province’s recent court rulings on custody and
access. Many US States will automatically give children to the heterosexual parent – even if that person is not the best parent – over the homosexual parent.

If THAT hasn’t cooled your ardour, I suggest that you engage her in a normal
conversation, and then introduce, very very neutrally, a news item about a
gay person or the gay community that was in the news recently. (There’s
always one.)

One you gage her reaction to a gay topic, you can slowly proceed, in fact, wait for  another conversation to reveal your attraction feelings.

Proceed slowly and give her and yourself a graceful out.

Best case, you connect, worse case…… take a leaf from the boy scouts and
just be prepared.


Flirting Essentials


Get close, across the room is fun, but she may be looking at someone else. Be sure, and get close.

Letting someone into your personal space indicates some interest. Get close and back off a bit, get in close again. While you don’t want to give the impression you’re a boxer, you mostly want to avoid the look of a needy stalker.

Of course, noisy bars provide the best cover for getting close, what was that you said? The music’s so darned loud!!!

Eye Contact

Many animals stare down their prey, so glance around while you converse (but don’t look like you checking out other potential targets) — but when you deliver your key offer, have total eye lock.

Vocal Inflection

Try a slow, low and intimate tone for your most seductive suggestions, varied with your normal voice for normal conversation or set up lines.

Speaking slightly higher than your normal register could be interpreted as nervousness or arousal, so practice with a variety of tonal ranges. It’s okay to be nervous, who wouldn’t be in the same situation?

It gets back to the vulnerability thang being very attractive. After all, aren’t you so brave for making the first move that your intended was too nervous to do?

Hint, imply, tease, titillate, intimate, flirting is verbal foreplay, with the emphasis on PLAY.

Keep it light, witty and coming.

Be Sincere

The woman you are flirting with has feelings, dreams and goals, a job, friends and family, and an existence prior to and after you, and her own flirting agenda. Respect that always.

Always leave room for a mutually graceful exit.

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