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Agoraphobic Philosopher on Love

except for the organic foods – I totally support that and sustainability of agriculture with crop diversity – otherwise, this song is true.. mostly true……


Lesbitudes: Droll King meets Drag King




Lezflirt – A Dyke Pal to the Straight Gal





Between Women TV

About Between Women

From the Executive Producer and writer Michelle Daniel, of the critically acclaimed short film Broken Silence comes the original series, Between Women. Loved by fans for its raw writing style and vivid charcters, Between Women will send you on an emotion roller coaster that you won’t want to stop riding! Set in the bustling city of Atlanta, we join six friends, also known as the “6-pack”, through their daily lives filled with fun, drama, love, and the tests and trials of everyday living.

Go there if you dare..

Lesbian Comedy

I did not make any of the following videos.

For your entertainment and educational purposes.





I am not an actor and the voice on the video is mine.

I made this with a game by Lionhead Studios called Movie Studio.


But I wrote the monologue for a local acting troupe called the Sweet Tarts.


I really wanted to be a comedy writer and this was inspired by a television commercial from the 197o’s.


this is a 1980 commercial for Irish Spring Soap.


In the 1970’s their commercials ended with a woman saying :

Manly yes, But I like it too.


and this monologue was a tribute to that particular commercial.


and yes, I use Irish Spring body wash today.

the spicest, racist, butchiest soap ever.

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