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Lesbian Flirting 301 – Course Overview

Lesbian Flirting 301 is an expert level course that is primarily for members of the queer community. Heterosexuals of liberal, left, socialist, geek and not narrow persuasions are welcome.

Conservative heterosexuals are encouraged to participate and become allies in Flirtitude.


Lesbian Flirting 101 – Essential Basics

Lesbian Flirting 201 – Goal Setting

Lesbian Flirting 301 is beyond the basics of  lesbian comedy of manners that is LezFlirt 101 and the advanced Lezflirt 201 Visualizations and Goal Setting.

Lesbian Flirting 301 pertains to establishing your own identity. This is unique to each and every individual.

1 of 200 tiles in an art installation
Celebrating Vancouver East Side Social Justice Activists

Knowing who you are informs everything that you will do in your life.



Preview: Lesbian Flirting Master Class

Workshop in development.

Not accepting applications at this time.

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