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Flirtationships in random encounters



Rainbow Lesbian Chat – role playful with butch and femme

The One I’m Unsure of

Dear Lezflirt

I’m a lesbian and have been for a number of years.
I’ve never had to guess whether a women I eventually became involved with was
attracted to me. It was right there. However now, there is one particular woman that
I’m unsure of. I think she may be flirting with me, but I’m not confident in that
She is definitely a lesbian. Our relationship is very casual. We’ve had to talk a
number of times briefly on the phone.
When we do, her voice is soft, low, calm and endearing. I’m usually very straight
(direct) or semibabbling.
When I see her she is all smiles and very friendly. I’m still very straight (all
She’s never asked me out. She has involved me in one of her organization’s events,
(which is how she got my number). Before that, she was someone I saw 2X in my
Is she flirting or being friendly? What’s the line/difference?
If I feel she is, does that me an she is?
RE: How do I know?
Well, from what you’ve told me, it doesn’t sound like she’s flirting.
Lots of people talk in a calm, low voices – it depends on the vocal inflection, is
it intimate, does she sound like she’s dropping hints, using double meanings?
Why not try obviously flirting with her first? Make a no/low pressure sexual
joke, see how she responds.
She may just be mellow, friendly person.
But how you are responding to her isn’t really a gauge of whether or not the
other person is. It’s easy to mistake someone actually flirting for just
friendliness and vice versa.
Communication is the key to determine what the other person’s intentions
Hope this helps, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Lesbian Flirting 301 – Course Overview

Lesbian Flirting 301 is an expert level course that is primarily for members of the queer community. Heterosexuals of liberal, left, socialist, geek and not narrow persuasions are welcome.

Conservative heterosexuals are encouraged to participate and become allies in Flirtitude.


Lesbian Flirting 101 – Essential Basics

Lesbian Flirting 201 – Goal Setting

Lesbian Flirting 301 is beyond the basics of  lesbian comedy of manners that is LezFlirt 101 and the advanced Lezflirt 201 Visualizations and Goal Setting.

Lesbian Flirting 301 pertains to establishing your own identity. This is unique to each and every individual.

1 of 200 tiles in an art installation
Celebrating Vancouver East Side Social Justice Activists

Knowing who you are informs everything that you will do in your life.



Lesbians can be Geeks too

George Takei posted this on Facebook

Preview: Lesbian Flirting Master Class

Workshop in development.

Not accepting applications at this time.

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