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Chatting with Lesbians

Even with a common frame of reference – lesbian celebrities – there are ways for the generational gap and personality differences that can make or break any interaction.

But then, I was not trying to flirt with either of these gals on line, but just have a conversation.

And Melissa’s music holds true – you  have to love yourself before you can really love anyone else or be lovable to anyone else. if you want a lasting love with a forever lover.


Lesbitudes: Droll King meets Drag King


Between Women TV

About Between Women

From the Executive Producer and writer Michelle Daniel, of the critically acclaimed short film Broken Silence comes the original series, Between Women. Loved by fans for its raw writing style and vivid charcters, Between Women will send you on an emotion roller coaster that you won’t want to stop riding! Set in the bustling city of Atlanta, we join six friends, also known as the “6-pack”, through their daily lives filled with fun, drama, love, and the tests and trials of everyday living.

Go there if you dare..

Not All Sluts Rush

And, as a CANADIAN, who enjoys Universal Health care

I have to say that sluts deserve and need health care the same as anyone else.

and, if you don’t have your health, well, what good is the pursuit of happyness?

After all


the FREEDOM to




So, with every ounce of love and curious compassion and forgiveness in my whole body.

Rush Limbaugh, you need to lay off the drugs and get laid.

Really fucking hard.

Just saying.

and for everyone else:

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