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The rules of dominance



Getting to GGG


Dating is about finding someone who will be sexually, intellectually, spiritually and/or what ever other areas of compatibility that are important to you.

While it’s good to be sexually self aware and it’s important – if you can’t tell your partner what really turns you on, then you need to reconsider how successful that relationship is going to be.

IF this is what you want, then it’s not a given in the early days. this kind of trust takes time on so many levels.

from sharing your fantasies to getting to act them out.

some will never be as good in reality as they are in your head

some will be better, some will lose their appeal and you will discover new ones

it’s about both people sharing and getting their needs met – giving and receiving, topping and bottoming

and most importantly, both people with a safeword that stops everything until it’s okay to proceed further.

it’s about knowing your partner so intimately to know and anticipate boundaries and when they can be pushed and when they need to be respected, even revered.

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