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Q: Flirting with people on the job


Flirting with a lesbian cop. Bad idea or good idea?


Bad idea if she’s writing you a ticket at the time.

Bad idea if it’s in front of a group of other people or her cop partner.
They tend to be closet-y.

Good idea in all other cases. Cops should have dates too.

Sex is a great way to relieve tension, and she’ll have costumes and props for most
fantasy scenes. Bonus.

It’s a touch call to flirt with someone when they are working generally because, if it’s a retail kinda job they are trapped into being nice to customers, and if they work in uniform, then they are trying to be all  authoritarian and official, and it’s hard to switch modes.

Not hard in the right context, though.

Just be careful how you pick your moment.

And don’t assume because she’s a cop she’s a dyke. Straight women actually become cops too.

But what a thin blue line to cross….


Tales From the Trenches!

A reader’s Sordid flirting tale:
I’ve always been one to flirt, and my lesbian friend does do…

Well, one evening, I started flirting with her, and she asked me to give her a back massage. I started massaging, and I had been leaning over her, when she said that I could sit on her but if it were more comfortable, so I did.

I knew her well, and I was getting in the mood, and I knew for sure when she asked me to sit on her front and rub her stomach…
I was so sure that she wanted to do something, so I bent down to kiss her, and for
the first time we frenched. We had a little sex, and then we laughed in the dark and I
liked the way she frenched, so I asked if I could kiss her again…

She said no… Damn…

The only thing I didn’t like about her was that she expected me to act like a guy, give my all, and ask for nothing in return… She wasn’t what I expected, so the next time she  asked me for some, I turned her down… (How does it feel?!)

To say the least, I haven’t been with her since.

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