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Lezflirt 101: Flirting Opportunities

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I’m talking about Marketing YOU for LOVE!


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The Neurobiology of Bliss–Sacred and Profane

Sex in the brain, and what it reveals about the neuroscience of deep pleasure

By Nadia Webb  | July 12, 2011 | 21

Image: Abel Mitja Varela

In studies that observe the brain in action, the right hemisphere seems to be the sexy hemisphere. It lights up during orgasm—so much so that, in one study, much of the cortex went dark, leaving the right prefrontal cortex as a bright island. New research suggests the right hemisphere is also hyperactive amongst the “hypersexual,” a symptom of brain injury loosely defined as groping, propositioning or masturbating in public without shame.

What is surprising about this is that pleasure is classically thought of as the province of the left hemisphere, not the right. The left is most active when recalling happy memories, meditating on love for another, and during the expansiveness of grandiosity or mania.

The left…

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