Flirting With Lesbians….and more

by Guest Writer:  Sunny Armstrong
a Lesbian Spectrum Taxonomy
Where do you fall?

1. So Straight Looking You Can’t Tell
2. Lipstick Lesbian
3. Femme
4. Power Femme
5. Wears Comfortable Shoes
6. Plain Jane
7. Sporty-Femme
8. LPGA Dyke
9. Gender Queer
10. Androgynous/Kiki
11. Queer
12. Chapstick Dyke
13. Sporty
14. Tomboy
15. Dyke-y
16. Baby Dyke
17. Tomboi
18. Soft Butch
19. Boi
20. Butch
21. Hard Butch/Stud
22. Bulldyke
23. Bulldagger
24. Stone Butch
25. FTM
26. Transman


Granola/Earth Mother

Diesel Dyke


Comments on: "Lesbian Spectrum Taxonomy" (1)

  1. I have to wonder what is the difference between being a point on a spectrum and a stereotype vs a personality type…..

    this very valid list is more a butch to femme continuum and doesn’t account for those of us who fall into other categories – like the granola or geek girls.

    I was involved in organized science fiction fandom and really, there was not a lot of difference between the straight geek girls and the lesbian or bisexual geek girls. and one of us fall into these categories.

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