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Someone from asked me if I played D&D and if I’d be willing to participate Sex advice from a Dungeons and Dragon Player in their “Sex Advice from a…” column. (The theme, this time, being “…from a D&D Player.”) I just got an email from her editor saying “we need some responses that aren’t so related to the game Dungeons & Dragons.” They ask for comedy gold, yet I had already given them comedy platinum! (And they would obviously rather laugh at someone than laugh with them.)

My lover and I enjoy role-play, but I’ve gotten tired of the same cliché scenarios like student/teacher and boss/secretary. Any recommendations for new roles that might help spice it up?

I don’t know what system you’re playing, but “student/teacher” and “boss/secretary” do not sound like choices that would inspire one to role-playing greatness. Consider a classic like “cleric…

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