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One more bead I put in the bowl.
This one luminescent in its perfection.
Some are misshaped as a lump of coal.
Others half cut diamonds waiting to emerge.
One more bead I put in the bowl.
When the strand of beads are finished, what will I have?
Each day I am given an opportunity to choose.
One more bead I put in the bowl.
This on luminescent in its perfection.

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Nina's Garden

I’ve been tossing around a TV show concept for a while and just wanted to share:

Dyke Pal for the Straight Gal

5 lesbians give straight women a makeover; it would include:

  1. switching all the furniture for second hand or curb finds
  2. flannelling up the wardrobe
  3. veggie-ing up the pantry
  4. teaching some power tool skills; and
  5. raising political consciousness

I’d totally watch that.

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Being pals with straight gals

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