Flirting With Lesbians….and more

A Gurlz Guide

This blog is about those grown-ups that are in what I call “ pre-relationships”. This includes, but is not limited to: talking, kickin it, chillin, and any other type of ambiguous setup that we commit to. Let’s say you and someone else have been ________ (fill in in the blank with one of the terms above) for any amount of time and decide to have sex. Now, “decide” can span from ‘we talked about this prior to getting down’ to ‘ we were both hot and bothered and fell into bed naked’. After the deed is done, do you leave? Stay for a while? Sleep over? What about the morning? Do you the other person in your place as you go off to work? Is there breakfast involved?

Ideally, I’d like to think that before we get to the sexual point in our relationships that we’ve considered the ‘big picture’…

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