Flirting With Lesbians….and more


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  1. Standard D&D Magic Item:

    Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity

    Such a girdle looks like an ordinary leather belt, but when worn immediately switches the wearer’s sex to the opposite gender, then loses all power. Additionally, 10% of these items remove the sex of the wearer.[1] The change causes no actual damage, but it is permanent and most characters can be expected to be very uncomfortable with it.

    The Girdles are included in the first and the second editions of AD&D, their magic potent enough to be fiendishly difficult to reverse; even a Wish spell has even odds, though a deity can set things right.[1] They appear to be absent from the third edition, though similar effects are mentioned as a possible curse outcome.

    Using a Girdle is the best-known if not only method to bring about such an effect, and over the years they have served to bring mirth, cheap jokes and roleplaying opportunities to D&D fans everywhere.

    “Reverse user’s gender” is also one of the random cursed item effects in the 3rd edition of D&D.

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