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Not a subject that I would normally have considered for this site, but this is a matter than needs to be addressed within the queer community.

Too many members of the tribe have been abused as teens and it is a prevalent myth that this is what causes a person to become not straight.

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This is not to say that there are no homosexual pedophiles. NAMBLA is such an organization and the gay community should not be tolerant of this or similar groups.

Most pedophiles do not have a gender preference, it’s about the youth/innocence and access.

Like rape, pedophilia is about power and dominance and the wholesale inadequacy of the abuser as a unworthy and worthless predator.

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From the Executive Producer and writer Michelle Daniel, of the critically acclaimed short film Broken Silence comes the original series, Between Women. Loved by fans for its raw writing style and vivid charcters, Between Women will send you on an emotion roller coaster that you won’t want to stop riding! Set in the bustling city of Atlanta, we join six friends, also known as the “6-pack”, through their daily lives filled with fun, drama, love, and the tests and trials of everyday living.

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