Flirting With Lesbians….and more


I am a lesbian and a science fiction geek, both at the same time.

I wrote this story on a fan site that I created in 2004:


I used to go to a weekly social gathering of the British Columbia Science Fiction Fan Association called FRED. If you were polite, and most weren’t, it stood for: 

Forget Reality–Enjoy Drinking.

As a new female to the group, I was the subject of some discussion and finally, one lone male ventured towards the group of gals I was sitting with and  hit on me. At the time, the early 90’s, there seemed to be only two pick up lines– “Can I rub your back?” and “Which do you like better, Classic or NextGen?”

The sacrificial male used the latter. Not ever having been particularly interested in the Star Trek universe, I said brightly “V.”

Flirtation forgotten, the guy recoiled in horror, sputtering, “The only thing that you could have said that would have been worse would be-”

“Battlestar Galactica?” I said, sipping my drink.

I didn’t get hit on for quite a long time after that.


My favorite famous lesbros are


And my two favorite lesbros in my life are the owners of these local Vancouver, BC, Canada businesses.




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