Flirting With Lesbians….and more

Now, with all the political upheavals and all the zero sum trying to control women’s vaginas….

There’s something that I want to say to each and every single Heterosexual Woman out there on the internet who have showed their boobs or just showed off their boobs.


For Bis and Gals of all genders


Women of the world and in the blogoshpere:

If you aren’t being flirted with – at least as good as Lesbian Flirting 101


And, if you are being flirted with, at least as good as LezFlirt 101

Then, maybe you should take a look at Lesbian Flirting 201


Heterosexual Vaginas Monolog while Lesbian Vaginas Dialog


and ladies, I am not flirting with anyone, because I am a very happily married lesbian, because I live in Canada, where gays were legally deemed common law in 2000 and legal marriage became the law of the land in 2003.


The reason why same gender marriage had to become legal in Canada is because, well, we are a nation of three ancestral paths.

And across Canada, British Common Law applies, except for in Quebec.

Quebec is based on the Napoleonic code, which does not recognize common law marriage and Quebec was one of the first provinces to challenge the Canadian Federal Law.

So, in a way, gay marriage is what’s keeping Canada together as a nation, because, you probably don’t know from the outside, just how divided that Canada has become.

And my spouse and I had talked about not needing a piece of paper and we were really feeling run down about America and religious people being against gay marriage, that we talked about giving up that piece of paper.

But, we’re not going to, because, that might be just a peice of paper to a lot of married people, given the divorce rate. I am sorry, heterosexuals, seriously, what’s left for gays and lesbians and bis and trans people to ruin about marriage, exactly?


Our marriage license is our bond, our word and our shield.

So, I am not flirting with anyone who reads this blog.

And this morning, I got my spouse to take my picture and I am going to show you, just how happy that I am with my life.


And; there’s a few very particular women, that I would like to introduce to every single reader of this post.

Collectively, they are referred to as The Suffragettes


Basically, they were the women all over the world who demanded equality and the right to vote on the basis of this very simple premise.


No vote? no sex, so suffer.


And men, did not like that option, so women got to vote.

An important life lesson is that if you do not know history, you are doomed to repeat it into infinity.






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