Flirting With Lesbians….and more

Flirting with a lesbian cop?

Bad idea or good idea?

I’d say bad idea if she’s writing you a ticket at the time.

I’d say bad idea if it’s in front of a group of other people or her cop partner as they tend to be closety or protective that it’s no one’s business.  I used to work administration for the RCMP – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

I’d say good idea in all other cases.

Cops should have dates too. Sex is a great way to relieve tension, and she’ll have costumes and props for most fantasy scenes, too!!

It’s a tough call to flirt with someone when they are working generally because, if it’s a retail kinda job they are trapped into being nice to customers, and if they work in uniform, then they are trying to be all authoritarian and official, and it’s hard to switch modes.

Just be real real careful how you pick your moment.

And don’t assume because she’s a cop she’s a dyke. Straight women actually become cops too.

But what a thin blue line to cross….


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