Flirting With Lesbians….and more

Setting the Mood

Okay, you got up the nerve and spoke to the babe, and now things are going well conversationally or on the dance floor; so you’re thinking:

“What am I doing? the sink’s full of dirty dishes, the laundry is everywhere and when did I last clean out the cat box?”

I’m not saying, be Martha Stewart, or that you have to be up on your housework all the time, but, if you are going out, and there’s a chance — even a slight chance— you might bring someone home, make sure your place is what you’d like to see if you were going to someone else’s home.

Dim the lights and play some soft tunes, keep some frozen finger foody things on hand—something quick and easy to warm up—stay away from sea foody things (lots of people have severe allergies to seafood, nuts, etc), easy and fuss free, but a bit higher end than pop tarts.

Try dim sum items,  filo pastry puffs with cheesey fillings, anything that will heat in about 15 mins and be fun to feed each other or at least, eat it a little seductively.

Aside: Vegetarian nibbles are probably safest, since even carnivores will eat the occasional vegetable and you don’t want your date to turn into a debate on the morals of eating animals, you can hash that out on your first anniversary dinner.

Getting her home doesn’t mean a sure thing, but it as least means she likes you and you’re in the ball park, so you can relax and let your personality shine.

Here’s something to keep in mind, she’s probably thinking the same thing about her place – so you lower her anxiety by taking her home to yours.

Of course, if you just can’t wait – bathrooms and the car in the parking lot work well for an initial compatibility test.

Then, when you do go back to one place or the other’s – neither one of you will be that concerned about decor and tidiness.


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