Flirting With Lesbians….and more

Flirting Tales from the Bar

My least successful flirt

I was in the Lotus Club watching a woman who was sitting in a group of eight lesbians.

I kept watching her body language and facial expressions to see if she might be dating one of the gals at the table, but she didn’t seem to look or touch or respond to one more than any other.

I almost convinced myself not to approach, after all, they were all together and the one I was interested in was in the middle and not at the edge of the group.

I mean, it’s nerve wracking enough to approach a gal one on one – but one of a group?

Still, a nagging thought, what did I have to lose?

And, if she was with someone, maybe another gal at the table…..

I decided to go for a direct and honest approach.

I put on my best smile and approached her.

I caught her eye and asked her if she could help me with something.

I had the entire table’s attention.

She said sure, giggling nervously.

“I’m trying to decide if I should come over and flirt with you,: I said, then changed my gaze from her to the table, “But I’m not sure if you’re with anyone here.”

She laughed and the table laughed.

I felt golden.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m with this lovely gal here.” Pointing to one of the women at the table.

I thanked her for solving my dilemma and started to leave – slowly.

She touched my arm and said, “But do you want to dance anyway, my girlfriend doesn’t like to dance.”

So, we danced.


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