Flirting With Lesbians….and more

Lez Flirt World!

Flirting is not something we’re automatically good at.

It’s a learning process of trial and error – especially trial and mostly error.

For lesbians, there’s a challenge that straight people and gay men don’t face which is that women tend to be socialized to wait to be flirted with.

Which is frustrating when every gal in the room is waiting for any other waiting gal in the room to make a move.

People it seems are not so different from sheep – when female sheep are amorous, they stand still and wait for the male to make a move.

So how can you know if the female sheep is straight or gay when standing still is how you make your intentions known.

I say, cast off your woolly exterior and get out there to flirt!

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  1. […] Because seriously, lesbians are sheep – they wait around for someone else to make a move. So imagine – a bar full of lesbians – all waiting – for someone – anyone – to make a move. And if you are interested in flirting and what I learned from those sheep – head on over to LezFlirt […]

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